The Genovese with Onion Ramata of Montoro

In Naples the Genovese is a ritual.

A sauce called genovese, in reality with the city of Genoa has nothing to do with it. This fabulous white sauce is prepared with top quality meat, many onions, carrots and spices to flavor.

But why is it called that? According to historical sources, in the Aragonese era, the managers of some inns in the port area of Naples were originally from the city of Genoa. These cooks prepared a fabulous meat sauce and lots of onion... hence the name Genovese.


600 g beef the Neapolitan tradition provides the lacerto or the leg walker

1 kg golden onions

1 sprig celery

2 carrots

2 bay leaves

1 glass of white wine

Oil q.b

Parsley q.b

Sale q.b

Pepe q.b


Clean and slice the onions thinly, apart from chopping carrots, celery and parsley, then cut the meat into pieces, transfer it into a large saucepan and brown it with oil, then add the bay leaf and chopped carrots, celery and parsley and fry for a few minutes.

Add the onions and cook for about 30 minutes, without lid, season with salt and add a little wine.

Cover and cook for at least 3 hours over very low heat.

With the sauce alla genovese, in the Neapolitan tradition are seasoned chopped ziti, but you can use the preferred pasta format.