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Caciocavallo with Peperone Crusco



he two main types of caciocavallo can be obtained from the preferred ripening time: mature or chamois.
Focusing on the caciocavallo with crusco peppers, this follows exactly the traditional preparation of caciocavallo, with the addition (during the cheese production phase) of crusco peppers, a typical product of Lucanian cuisine, with a sweet flavour and a rubeous colour.

Already during the dough preparation phase, from the moment the cruschi peppers are added to the mixture, they begin to release their fragrant and enveloping aroma into the mixture being prepared, enriching it with the typical top notes of the Lucano product. The pepper's thin flesh and low water content also prevent dilution of the caciocavallo mixture, keeping the typical component of the product unaltered, while at the same time sublimating it to a sinuous spiciness reminiscent of chilli peppers.


Store the product once the package is opened, in the refrigerator at a temperature of +4.


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