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Figliata whit buffalo milk - 1 kg



To ensure the freshness of our products, all orders will be shipped on Monday and Tuesday.


The litter of mozzarella also called buffalo litter has a fairly recent history. The brilliant idea was developed by two brothers who between 2016 and 2017 began to produce it in a completely random way, without imagining the huge success that then would have had this particular stuffed mozzarella.

The basis of this innovation was a pure and naive goal, but very important: to make the youngest of the family appreciate mozzarella. The two brothers, once they understood that the children were more attracted by the small mozzarella also called cherry, decided to produce a large mozzarella with many small mozzarella covered with fresh cream.


Keep the litter in its serum, if possible inside the polystyrene delivered by us, at room temperature, except for extremely high temperatures.

Consume within 14 days from the day of production, that is, the date of shipment of your order.


Every day, our cheese maker begins processing. The mozzarella needs to "rest" for 12 - 24 hours from production (otherwise it would be chewy); the same has an optimal storage period, maintaining its organoleptic characteristics without undergoing alterations.


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