Caciocavallo of red cow spotted upper irpinia - 250 gr



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Like all Caciocavalli, this cheese is produced with cow’s milk, according to the method of pasta filata.

Still boiling the pasta filata is processed in the traditional pear shape, so you can tie two caciocavalli in pairs and put them to firm in cold water "on horseback" a stick, from which the name "Caciocavallo horse" then became in common jargon Caciocavallo.

Italian Pezzata Rossa is an ancient, local breed, which is well suited to grazing; it produces little milk but excellent quality.

It has a delicate taste, the aromas of which are enriched with seasoning. It can be called a "live" cheese because during maturing, a slow fermentation continues to change its flavor, making it more penetrating.


Store the product once the package is opened, in the refrigerator at a temperature of +4.

Consume by the expiration date on the package.


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