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Cave-matured Caciocavallo cheese



Caciocavallo matured in caves is obtained by processing cow's milk, with the addition of simple ingredients: salt, rennet and lactic ferments.

Once the curd has been broken, it is time to cut the slices, which are then immersed in boiling water to be moulded.

The mastery of the cheesemaker, an expert in the trade and a profound connoisseur of ancient methods, is manifested in this procedure of great precision and patience.

Once the optimal consistency has been reached, the cheesemaker together with his staff work and shape the dough, giving it the desired shape.

Once a small head and a pot-bellied body have been created, a special rope is placed to hang the caciocavallo in the ripening rooms.


Store the product once the package is opened, in the refrigerator at a temperature of +4.


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