Agerola Naples salami in natural casing



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The salami of Agerola is one of the typical products of the gastronomy of Campania since the thirteenth century, when the King of Naples Charles I of Anjou, appreciating the taste, began to stock up on it.

The Agerolese sausage is produced according to an ancient tradition and a laborious method that provides for the use only of the best parts of pure pork meat, properly cleaned, ground, salted and spiced, then knead and sausage in a natural casing and leave to mature.

At the moment of cutting, which always takes place obliquely to obtain the typical oblong slices, it is coarse, tender and wine red in color.



Store the product once the package is opened, in the refrigerator at a temperature of +4.

Consume by the expiration date on the package.


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