Maestri Salumai Barbato

Filett of Capicollo - 250 gr

69 kr


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The seasoned fillet is a fine salami that is obtained from the lumbar part of the pig which is also the most lean and delicate part of the pig.

The fillet is boned, degreased and then put in brine with the addition of natural flavors and salt. After maturing, which is about 90 days, you get a product with a uniform pink color and a very delicate taste.

Characteristic of the Fillet is the almost totality of absence of fat if not a small part only outside. High level product for fine palates and also for those who pradilige a healthy and light diet.


Store the product once the package is opened, in the refrigerator at a temperature of +4.

Consume by the expiration date on the package.



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