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Bagnolese chamois pecorino with chilli

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Chamois pecorino with chilli pepper is particularly appreciated by those who love strong, persistent flavours.

A cheese made entirely from local products from Irpinia, starting with the milk of the Malvizza sheep and ending with the chilli pepper organically grown in the area.

The bagnolese pecorino can be defined as such because it is made from the milk of the bagnolese sheep, the Malvizza.

This is a specimen found in Irpinia, especially in the Monti Picentini area, and also in the rest of Campania.

In order to fully respect this representative of the local fauna, as well as to preserve the Irpinian territory, precise provisions are being followed, laid down by the Association of Bagnola Sheep Breeders and Processors and the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production of the Federico II University.

The intention is to preserve as much as possible the authenticity of the species, without forcing its growth process. This means that the bagnolese sheep is left in a semi-wild state to feed naturally on what the land provides.

Without any chemical feed, it feeds mainly on alfalfa and hay from sulla, wild plants rich in nutrients.

The pecorino cheese that is made from this sheep's milk can therefore only be rich in properties, as well as having a truly appetising taste.


Store the product once the package is opened, in the refrigerator at a temperature of +4.


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